Uganda Tourism Association (UTA)

The Uganda Tourism Association (UTA) is the umbrella organization that brings together all tourism trade associations in Uganda. The current associations include the association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO), Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA), Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association (UHOA), The Uganda Travel Agents Association (TUGATA) and Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA). These associations all together represent tour operators, travel Agents, accommodation facilities, tour guides and community based organizations.

Rwanda Chamber of Tourism

The Rwanda Chamber of Tourism is one of the 10 professional chambers that currently exist under the umbrella of the Private Sector Federation (PSF), which is dedicated to promoting and representing the interests of the Rwandan business community. It was established in 2006, with a mandate of enhancing business opportunities through effective lobbying and advocacy for the tourism and hospitality industry in Rwanda. The Chamber of Tourism promotes a program whereby hotels, restaurants, bars and other entertainment centers are encouraged to promote Rwandan culture. Events and activities such as traditional dances, music, poetry and sales of art and crafts are particularly popular. On a quarterly basis, the Chamber releases an events calendar which is circulated among all hotels, restaurants and other entertainment centers.

Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA)

Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA) is the official umbrella body that brings together and advocates for the interests of community tourism groups in Uganda to ensure that the local tourist host communities benefit from tourism. To date, the association comprises over 70 member groups country wide, representing 2,121 individuals of whom 63% are women. The groups operate small tourism enterprises ranging from Traditional/ basic accommodation, interpretive guiding services and restaurants to craft shops, music dance and drama performances.

Ecotourism Society of Kenya (ESOK)

Ecotourism Kenya promotes responsible tourism practices within the tourism industry. This entails encouraging the adoption of best practices in the use of tourism resources, working with local communities and managing wastes and emissions.

Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA)

The Uganda Safari Guides Association (USAGA) was formed in 2000 by tour guides and specialists of tourism sub-activities such as birding, butterflies, reptiles, and cultural tourism, to provide a platform to increase their visibility and recognition as key actors in the tourism industry. USAGA was formally registered as a company limited by guarantee on 14th May 2004, and has since grown in membership and is recognized as the umbrella association of all tour guides and associated clubs in Uganda.

Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA)

The Kenya Association of Travel Agents is the national umbrella body for Travel Agents in Kenya, with a growing membership of over 170 Travel Agencies. It is Kenya’s largest and only membership organization for travel agents. KATA transitioned from a society to a company limited by guarantee in September 2018, providing more space for growth and defending the travel trade. KATA is a member of the Universal Federation of Travel Agents’ Association (UFTAA) which represents 84 countries. It also hosts the Secretariat of the Association of Eastern and Southern African Travel Agents (AESATA).

Rwanda Community Tourism Association

RCTA is one of the six Chamber of Tourism Associations. It is a non-profit association created with the sole goal of building and promoting a tourism which benefits communities in order to shape a sustainable tourism development in Rwanda. It was created in 2017 by 12 founding members passionate about a healthy growth of cultural and community based tourism, where conservation and preservation prevail. A membership agreement between the Private Sector Federation, Chamber of Tourism and Rwanda Community Tourism Association was signed on November 11 th , 2020.

Kenya Association of Air Operators (KAAO)

Get to learn more about the Kenya Association of Aviation Operators. Our Purpose is to promote, foster and protect the interests of those engaged in civil aviation and associated industries in Kenya.

The Uganda Association of Travel Agents (TUGATA)

The Uganda Association of Travel Agents (TUGATA) is a member based association of travel agents operating in Uganda founded in 1999. It is incorporated under the laws of Uganda in June 2011 as a company limited by guarantee and has a fully-fledged Secretariat since 2006. TUGATA members comprise of both IATA and non-IATA members. As of September 2016, TUGATA had 35 accredited IATA members and over 100 non-IATA members. Membership is open to those Companies whose primary activity is the sale of air transportation and travel related services. TUGATA members are bound and guided by a code of conduct that requires them to act with integrity and fairness in the overall best interest of the Travel industry.

Uganda Hotel Owners Association (UHOA)

TThe Uganda Hotel Owners' Association (UHOA) promotes hotels, regions and activities for holidaying in Uganda, Africa. The Uganda Hotel Owners’ Association (UHOA) is a company limited by guarantee, formed and registered on 22nd May 2000. UHOA’s mandate is to Lobby and Advocate for members on Policy related issues to Government and also being a custodian for interests of members locally, regionally and internationally on Human resource, social and Economic related issues.

Kenya Association Of Tour Operators (KATO)

The Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO) is one of the key tourism trade associations in Kenya, representing the interests of over 400 of the most experienced professional tour operators in Kenya. KATO members are bound the Code of Conduct to provide the highest possible quality of service to their clients.

Rwanda Safari Guides Association (RSGA)

Rwanda Safari Guides Association was formed in Dec 2005 by a number of Guides who saw the importance and potential of having a National umbrella Association. RSGA carries out a regular grading and classification exercise of guides in a bid to determine the standards and assure of predictable levels of quality of service, professionalism and the ability of a guide to offer the experience that meets tourists’ expectations.

Rwanda Hospitality and Tourism Educators Association(RHTEA)

The Rwanda Hospitality and Tourism Education Association (RHTEA) is committed to training for service perfection through promotion and representation of the interests of players in Hospitality and Tourism Education sector in Rwanda. The RHTEA is composed by 10 founder members from Higher Learning Institutions, TVET Schools, some Training companies/Consultant Firms.

The Association of Uganda Women in Tourism Trade (AUWOTT)

The Association of Uganda Women in Tourism Trade (AUWOTT) was formed to empower and bring women in the tourism and hospitality sector together. Empowerment is defined as a critical aspect of gender equality implies a society in which women and men enjoy the same opportunities, outcomes, rights and obligations in all spheres of life. A critical aspect of promoting gender equality in the empowerment of women, with a focus on identifying and redressing power imbalances and giving women more autonomy to manage their own lives.

The National Arts and Cultural Crafts Association of Uganda (NACCAU)

The National Arts and Cultural Crafts Association of Uganda (NACCAU)was established in 2003 to promote, preserve and transform Uganda’s tourism and traditional culture through partnering with producers of and dealers in visual arts and crafts. NACCAU buys products from member producers and sells them domestically and internationally at their National Arts and Crafts Village located next to National Theatre on plot 4/6 Dewinton. By so doing, the association advertises and promotes Uganda’s rich cultural heritage while at the same time alleviating poverty among its members and other stakeholders among whom are disadvantaged people

Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO)

The Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO) is Uganda’s leading tourism trade association, representing the interests of the country’s leading and experienced professional tour operators. Members offer a range of services, which can be broadly divided into the following categories Special interest safaris Air safaris Incentive travel group safaris Custom safaris for individual travelers Camping safaris (luxury & budget)

The Rwanda Association of Travel Agencies (RATA)

The Rwanda Association of Travel Agencies (RATA) is a professional association, dedicated to promote and represent the interests of the Travel agents companies in Rwanda. The Association is now in the process of building the travel industry by promoting ethical practices and giving sound services to its members. This ambition will require a strong association, capable to represent and serve its members, and attract new members as well. RATA is the umbrella body for all Travel Agents establishments operating in the private sector.


RHA is an Association Hotels in Rwanda and an umbrella Apex body for all Hospitality Establishments in Rwanda.

Kenya Coast Tourist Association (KCTA)

Kenya Coast Tourist Association is a nonprofit organization established in 1948. KCTA is the Coast region’s tourism umbrella body. Our focus is on developing a consolidated voice that will drive the improvement and development of the tourism industry and allied tourism services within the Coast region. We bring together all tourism stakeholders for the purpose of advancing advocacy issues audibly and powerfully to the benefit of businesses and communities.

Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA)

The Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association is an independent non-profit making body created for the certification of Safari Driver Guides, Lodge Naturalists and other individuals within the Tourism Sector. The KPSGA’s aim is to provide an effective, inexpensive and voluntary certification process giving awards of Bronze, Silver and Gold standards through an examination process.

Rwanda Tours and Travel Association (RTTA)

RTTA, which stands for Rwanda Tours and Travel Association, was founded in the year 2000 by a small group of Rwandan Tours & Travel operators concerned about the quality of tourism services in the country. These founding members recognized the need to create awareness of Rwanda as a competent tourism destination as well as represent the interests of the national tours and travel industry.

Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF)

Kenya Tourism Federation Safety & Communication Centre is the pioneer tourist safety management and control centre and we have the pleasure of introducing our organisation to you. The Tourism Industry in Kenya has traditionally had seven active private sector bodies representing the associations of Tour Operators, Hotelkeepers and Caterers, Travel Agents, Air Operators, Mombasa & Coast Tourism and Ecotourism Kenya. Whereas each association worked very hard on their own, the ability to effectively address the entire industry's concerns was limited, as the priority needs of one association's membership are quite different from those of another. This situation led to the birth of the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF), with the primary objective of uniting the seven associations under one umbrella. The KTF vision is "To be the authoritative voice for Kenya's tourism industry private sector" and mission is "To promote a sustainable tourism sector through effective representation of private sector industry stakeholder interests."

Pubs Entertainment & Restaurants Association of Kenya (PERAK)

The Pubs, Entertainment and Restaurants Association of Kenya (PERAK), registered with the registrar of societies, was born of an identified need by investors in the hospitality and entertainment sectors to bring sanity and order within these sectors.

Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers and Caterers (KAHC)

Founded in 1944, KAHC is the principal umbrella organization bringing together hotels, lodges, camps, restaurants, membership clubs and prominent airline caterers whose common theme is to render services in the hospitality industry.


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