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Domestic tourism gains momentum

EFFORTS to promote domestic tourism has gained new momentum after a group of 200 women from the Anglican Church, Dar es Salaam Diocese teamed up and conducted a tour to the Serengeti National Park in Mara Region.

Jackson Sosthenes, Bishop of the church in Dar es Salaam Diocese said this during the weekend that the aim of the tour was to promote domestic tourism, religious tours and sharing experience.

He said it was for the first time the diocese organise the tour and has involved women different streets where among others, they will pay visit to the safe house to meet children escaped from genital mutilation in Mugumu, Serengeti District Mara Region.

Bishop said domestic tourism was a very important place to spend time with family and friends, learn about nature and enjoy healthy outdoor activities because it inspires us with nature's beauty hence reducing stress and frustrations.

“We plan to organise other groups of men and youths apart from the women tour every year. Our target is to inculcate a culture to the community to honor what belongs to us and contribute to the national income,   ”he said.

The cleric said the tour will be an attraction to other groups to know and honor the importance of domestic tourism and to love using home products.

Regional and Domestic Marketing Manager, at Tanzania Tourism Board (TTB) Felix George said “the authority was proud of the tour because it resonates with the government efforts to promote domestic tourism to collect more revenues.

He said the target of the government was to get 5 million tourists and collect 6bn/- by 2025 adding that they are among those targeted tourists.

“Tourism has nothing to do with tribe, race or colour. I therefore call all of you to take time to visit one of the national parks in the country to refresh your mind,” he said.

Hassan Ngurumo, the acting conservation Commissioner, at Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) said that it was an important event for them to visit Serengeti national park- a World Heritage Site teeming with wildlife.

“I call more people to take time and visit Serengeti because there are a number of advantages a person gets when visiting the park. We have several attractions here to make visitors enjoy their tour,”he said.

He said it was for the first time in the history since the park was established to be visited by a large number of people at the same time who then camp in tents.

On July 3 last year, the Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resources launched a strategic drive for domestic tourism aimed at seeing more Tanzanians flock to the country’s hotspots as the sector reels from the effect of covid-19 pandemic.

credit: ippmedia