• To promote Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda as the preferred tourist destination in Africa.
  • Raise awareness of the individual countries tourism products.
  • Stir interest in the destination from both local and international visitors that are constantly looking for travel information and ‘the next place’ to visit on the internet.

The Kenya Tourism Board, Rwanda Development Board, Uganda Tourism Board, and East Africa Tourism Platform.

The address is www.visiteastafrica.net.

  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • A modern browser.
  • An active internet connection.

You can learn about East Africa’s attractions and get updated travel and regional information. You may also create a trip planner which allows you to save a trip itinerary or request a quotations for guided tours.

You can manage your association profile as well as invite and manage your list of members.

Once the association you are a member of send you the invitation link via email you can login to manage your profile, select which attractions you serve, as well as respond to requests for quotations from tourists.

EATP can invite tourism boards, manage accommodations and manage the attraction’s categories (wildlife, adventure, …).

A tourism board will manage the attractions, invite via an email link or add different associations, manage country information and manage their own profile.

A trip planner is a tool which allows you to save a trip itinerary or request a quotation for guided tours.

You can send your suggestions to the following emails.